Video Premiere: Badieh “Asheq Bodom Leili” (feat. Jawad Tabesh & Nasim Khushnawaz)

The Spanish, Iranian, and Afghan trio Badieh explores traditional folk music from the Greater Khorasan while fusing contemporary takes and approaches to create new, inviting worlds of sound. Michel Gasco (Spain) and Mohammad Miraghazadeh (Iran) form Badlieh’s core, and throughout their new album, II, they are joined by a host of incredible Afghan musicians. “Asheq Bodom Leili” brings singer Jawad Tabesh and rubab player Nasim Khushnawaz on board, creating bridges with intersecting harmonic lines. “Asheq Bodom Leili” is hypnotic and layered, taking complex melodies and building them into swarming sonic forms riding the intricate percussive progressions into the distance.

Badieh is a far-reaching, important music bringing focus to traditional music in places like Afghanistan and Iran. “It’s a privilege to collaborate with esteemed musicians whom I admire in Iran, including my dear mentor Nasim Khushnawaz,” Gasco shares. “I am overjoyed to have had the opportunity to delve deeper into a repertoire that I hold dear, working with musicians from this region who are experts in this music.”

II will be released on November 17 via Worlds Within Worlds. Pre-order HERE.

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