The Foxy Digitalis Podcast – 11/10/23

A full-house today in the Foxy Digitalis zone. A quick recap on the opening week(end) of my exhibition, “The Sound Leaves,” which was among the best times I’ve had in a while. I need to do more of that! Plus there’s some real bangers out this week, especially my Album of the Week from the great Lau Nau. And if that wasn’t enough, around 12 minutes in, I have a conversation with RVNG Intl’s Matt Werth about the new boxed set of Pauline Anna Strom reissues – essential listening if there ever was!

Album of the Week: Lau Nau “Aphrilis”

This Week’s Links:

The Sound Leaves

The Sound Leaves at Philbrook Museum

Pauline Anna Strom “Echoes, Spaces, Lines”

Patrick Shiroishi “i was too young to hear silence”

Niecy Blues “Exit Simulation”

Lucy Railton “Corner Dancer”

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