Video Premiere: Jessica Ackerley/Kevin Cheli/Gahlord DeWald “Shape”

Since I reviewed Jessica Ackerley, Kevin Cheli, and Gahlord DeWald’s Submerging Silently in a previous Capsule Garden, I’ve found myself thinking about the record at random moments. Sometimes I’ll be washing the dishes and a few of Ackerley’s inquisitive guitar runs will pop in my head, or sitting on the front porch watching leaves fall brings to mind Cheli and Dewald’s skittering bass and percussion interplay. “Shape” is one of the album’s highlights, and the imagery in this video brings the sonic movements to life. Soaring patterns eat away at empty space left in the wake of Cheli’s progressive push, leaving new paths for DeWald to trace with bouncing melodies. This music, like the color palette in the video, is vivid and intricate, but even within its complex aural webs, it remains approachable and inviting.

Submerging Silently is out now on Cacophonous Revival. Pick it up HERE.

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