Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 3, #38: Swim Ignorant Fire

There are moments on the new Swim Ignorant Fire, Glow, where the feeling of floating and dissonance intersect. It’s a shock, but a welcome one, imbuing an ephemeral radiance on a serene occasion. The trio of Stephen Holliger, YeaBig, and Nate Hahn carve out specious sound worlds, creating an inviting sonic veil that hides the caverns below. It’s such a layered, engaging album. Check out the video for “Struggle Channel” and pick up the album HERE. (including a square lathe version!). THEN, dig into this mix Holliger made and start the weekend in style.



Crack Cloud – Drab Measure

Dougie Poole – High School Gym

Novo Amor, Gia Margaret – No Fun

Mute Duo – The Ocean Door

Gunn-Truscinski Duo – Ocean City

Black Duck – Of the Lit Backyards

M. Sage, Zander Raymond – It Is Isn’t It

Cole Pulice, Nat Harvie – peach skin

Gonubie – Cuvier’s

Domenique Dumont – People on Sunday

Rachika Nayar – Our Wretched Fantasy

G.S. Schray – District Lizards/Sated by the Plum

Chuck Johnson – Riga Black

Alabaster DePlume – Visit Croatia

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