Acid Mothers Reynols “Vol. 2”

When titans collide, the results are often mixed. If I was making a shortlist of all-time great late-20th/early-21st century experimental music stalwarts, both Acid Mothers Temple and Reynols would be near the top of that list. Both groups have mountainous discographies and an instantly-recognizable sound, and on their first collaboration, 2020’s Vol. 1, it was instantly clear their collective approach is a stellar match. Vol. 2 continues this … Continue reading Acid Mothers Reynols “Vol. 2”

Foxy Digitalis Mix #12: Peak Eloquence

In two weeks, I am kicking off a new monthly radio show on CAMP radio called Listening Arcade. When I started talking to CAMP about a show, I had a million ideas for what I could do and thought, initially, it might just be a monthly selection of tunes on a specific theme. This was also around the time I started doing heavy research for … Continue reading Foxy Digitalis Mix #12: Peak Eloquence

Andromelos2 “Space Wrecked Castaways”

Let me preface this review by recommending that anyone reading this should check out Kawabata Mokoto’s Bandcamp page. It’s an unbelievable treasure trove of solo recordings, random collaborations, AMT rarities, and so much more. One such gem is this new album from the trio of Kawabata, Nakaya Koichi, and Okano Futoshi. The original Andromelos featured Masonna on electronics back in 2004, but Kawabata and Futoshi … Continue reading Andromelos2 “Space Wrecked Castaways”