Foxy Digitalis Mix #12: Peak Eloquence

In two weeks, I am kicking off a new monthly radio show on CAMP radio called Listening Arcade. When I started talking to CAMP about a show, I had a million ideas for what I could do and thought, initially, it might just be a monthly selection of tunes on a specific theme. This was also around the time I started doing heavy research for the next episode of The Electric Rubicon, which is on a Japanese artist. From there I realized that throughout the past 20 years, while I listened to tons of Japanese psych and experimental music, I hadn’t written a lot about it. So, at least for a while, Listening Arcade is going to solely focus on Japanese psych, experimental, improv, etc. The first episode is coming together beautifully, but I thought I’d make a little bit of a teaser to celebrate the new album from my guitar-based project, Peak Eloquence. Expect the radio show to have a wider swathe of Japanese music, but this mix is perfect for driving fast and getting into a serious groove. Enjoy.


1. Kawaguchi Masami’s New Rock Syndicate & Kryssi Battalene – Fade Away
2. Fushitsusha – Untitled
3. Boris w/ Michio Kurihara – Rafflesia
4. Acid Mothers Temple and The Cosmic Inferno – Woman From Hell
5. Mainliner – Black Sky
6. Tetuzi Akiyama – Don’t Forget to Boogie
7. White Heaven – My Cold Dimension
8. High Rise – Wipe Out
9. LSD March – Black Bouquet
10. Marble Sheep – Ancient Wind
11. Hijokaidan – Silver Machine
12. Musica Transonic – Γρασπ Βεσμιρχη
13. Acid Mothers Temple and The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. – Atomic Rotary Grinding God / ? Quicksilver Machine Head

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