Acid Mothers Reynols “Vol. 2”

When titans collide, the results are often mixed. If I was making a shortlist of all-time great late-20th/early-21st century experimental music stalwarts, both Acid Mothers Temple and Reynols would be near the top of that list. Both groups have mountainous discographies and an instantly-recognizable sound, and on their first collaboration, 2020’s Vol. 1, it was instantly clear their collective approach is a stellar match. Vol. 2 continues this trajectory, digging down through the core of the planet on an unconventional trip to find the stars.

“Antimatter-Sound Milkshake” drips from a dust storm like a spacewrecked reimagining of the Wild West. There’s a parched desert feel in the smoke-filled guitar intersections that get picked apart by cathartic piano runs. Winding through stratified sonic canyons, the tension becomes tangible with black clouds in the distance promising a much-needed downpour. When it breaks open, the grooves unleash “Volcano Waterfall” and melt glass with the propulsive grind of hefty guitar riffs and stomped-out bass lines. It’s the shortest piece on the album, but it hits hard like a slow-motion explosion.

Angular guitar riffs float in a viscous ether buoyed by laid-back rhythms and Miguel Tomasin’s hypnotic vocals on the slow-building elemental drift of “Dimentional Brochette O’Clock.” This track oozes with the anticipation and eventual release when the rocketship finally lifts off. Gliding across the constellations, Anla Courtis and Kawabata (talk about two all-time greats) fly around each other, leaving intricate aural patterns disguised as a smokescreen in their wake. The tempo gets a bit quicker, the solos ignite, and there’s no destination out of reach for these interstellar travelers.

Acid Mothers Reynols keeps the dream alive and shows how much life is left in these psychedelic tanks after 30+ years of cosmic surfing. From the opening terrestrial onslaught of “Sun Inside A Silent Sun,” there’s a cohesive vision and unified approach. Vol. 2 lets us soak up the best of both worlds in new ways. Both AMT and Reynols are dialed in here, and with the pedal all the way down from the start, they fuse into a singular, solid diamond. 

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