Track Premieres: Läuten der Seele

On his debut for Hands in the Dark as Läuten der Seele, Christian Schoppik paints surrealistic aural landscapes that disorient as much as they transport listeners. Using German Heimatfilme samples as the basis for a collection of 12 dark and whimsical loop collages, Schoppik uses ageless hues and sonic connections. “Gedanken Der Mückenlarven In Der Regentonne Bei Vollmond” twists acoustic instrumentation around ghostly voices exploring … Continue reading Track Premieres: Läuten der Seele

Byron Westbrook’s Eclipsed View

It’s been a banner year for Byron Westbrook. Hands in the Dark released his evocative album, Distortion Hue, to start the year and it set the standard. His most recent album, Mirror View, comes via Ash International and is a surprise departure that pays off. Utilizing field recordings, sound installation works, and other sonic elements, Westbrook offers an engaging look into subtle environments with beautiful phrasing and … Continue reading Byron Westbrook’s Eclipsed View

Track Premiere: Razen “Blue Rot (5th)”

Returning for their second album in as many years on Hands in the Dark, Razen holds back on Blue Rot. This is music that sounds unmoored by the concept of time, existing simultaneously in ancient ruins restored to their former glory and in the dark recesses of a post-apocalyptic future. “Blue Rot (5th)” moves slowly, contemplating each step, each note before committing and going all in. … Continue reading Track Premiere: Razen “Blue Rot (5th)”

Byron Westbrook “Distortion Hue”

Visceral to the point of being transcendent, Byron Westbrook’s Hue, his latest for Hands in the Dark, is massive. Thick, atmospheric drones boil over and eventually scatter into the wind, finding intricate paths and subdued zones beneath the expansive ether. Cathartic as it may be, there’s an inward nature to Hue that is intimate yet striking.  Prevailing throughout is the tension of our current moment; … Continue reading Byron Westbrook “Distortion Hue”