Track Premiere: Razen “Blue Rot (5th)”

Returning for their second album in as many years on Hands in the Dark, Razen holds back on Blue Rot. This is music that sounds unmoored by the concept of time, existing simultaneously in ancient ruins restored to their former glory and in the dark recesses of a post-apocalyptic future. “Blue Rot (5th)” moves slowly, contemplating each step, each note before committing and going all in. It’s music that aches in the loneliness of empty space, filling the blackened air with mournful calls and dying hope. 

Harmonium drones paint the walls in earth tones, lamenting the isolation wrapping itself around the world. Kim Delcour’s pensive playing is like an arrow straight to the heart, digging through the morass, an angel floating above the ashen decay in an effort to find lost souls. There’s a deep-seated drive within these sonic shards, though, and eventually, spirits begin to rise, hands reaching toward the immaculate heavens.

Blue Rot is out on September 24th via Hands in the Dark. Pre-order below.

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