Album Premiere: SELVHENTER “Mesmerizer”

Photo by Mads Fisker

Striated songlines form beneath cloud waves as an invitation into some type of new, ethereal plane. SELVHENTER is the Danish quartet of drummers Jaleh Negari and Anja Jacobsen, saxophonist Sonja LaBianca, and trombonist Maria Bertel. On Mesmerizer, searing sonic forms flow beyond the horizon, the gilded, broken timbres of brass and woodwind festering like an open wound beneath a dueling rhythmic force. Ecstasy is alive and well on Mesmerizer, even if darker shades and cracked visages continually fade into view. This is timeless music.

Polyrhythms offer dizzying invitations to engage with the prescient sounds, whether jilted trombone fissures creep ever closer to the point of no return or saxophone lines are molded into electronic mountains. SELVHENTER have a relentlessness imbued in their aural treachery. Earworms surface from nowhere, eschewing the mayhem underneath. It’s such an intoxicating blend of reverie and hellishness that we feel totally alive as our brains short-circuit deep into the night. 

Mesmerizer will be released this Friday, June 23, by Hands in the Dark. Stream the entire album exclusively via Foxy Digitalis below and order it HERE.

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