Pelt “Reticence/Resistance”

Find me in the right mood on a Friday evening and I could probably make a solid case that Pelt is the greatest American band of the last 25 years. Recorded over two nights at Café Oto in London back in February 2017, Reticence/Resistance is buoying the case. Mike Gangloff and Patrick Best have their own musical language. They’re joined by Nathan Bowles and Mikel Dimmick on Reticence/Resistance (as … Continue reading Pelt “Reticence/Resistance”

The Electric Rubicon #3: Time-Lag Records

Time-Lag Records is one of the best labels of all-time for my money. If you have any interest in free, psychedelic music you’ve likely crossed paths with something the label put out at some point or another. The likes of Six Organs of Admittance, Charalambides, and MV & EE all had early releases on Time-Lag and some of those records remain among their best work … Continue reading The Electric Rubicon #3: Time-Lag Records