The Electric Rubicon #3: Time-Lag Records

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Time-Lag Records is one of the best labels of all-time for my money. If you have any interest in free, psychedelic music you’ve likely crossed paths with something the label put out at some point or another. The likes of Six Organs of Admittance, Charalambides, and MV & EE all had early releases on Time-Lag and some of those records remain among their best work ever.

In this episode, not only do I talk a little about why I think Time-Lag is so important, but I also interview Time-Lag founder Nemo Bidstrup as well as Flower Room’s Matt LaJoie who got his start as an intern for Time-Lag (and got a whole education he wasn’t expecting). There’s so much great music on Time-Lag that it was difficult to pick a handful of songs to include, but if you want to dig deeper and hear more, sign-up for our Patreon as I’ll be doing at least one monster bonus mix (and probably two). Dive in!


1. “Now That I’m a Man Full Grown” – Jack Rose
2. “Wet Leaves” – Death Chants (behind)
3. “Elk River” – Six Organs of Admittance
4. “Drinking With Jack” – Six Organs of Admittance
5. “Your One Mind” – Ilyas Ahmed (behind)
6. Nemo Bidstrup Interview
7. “Valsa Dos Cogumelos” – Satwa
8. “Sundrum Ladies” – Wooden Wand
9. “Ray of Reynardine” – The Tower Recordings
10. “Normandy Shore” – Cursillistas (behind)
11. Matt LaJoie interview
12. “Fire From the Lion’s Mouth” – Drona Parva (behind)
13. “Don’t Say No” – Elephant Micah
14. “Flowery Noontide” – Espers
15. “Vacillating Between Piety and Gaiety” – Fursaxa
16. “Water Sinks Into Fire” – Bardo Pond (behind)
17. “Loyalty (Fidelidade)” – Marconi Notaro

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