Norm Chambers Does Not Play Guitar Solos

Something about the music Norm Chambers composes connects directly to my occipital lobe. I’ve been listening to his work for over ten years now and few artists’ work connects with me on as many levels. Chambers finds soft edges for angular music, using an array of machines to create lush soundworlds that are simultaneously futuristic and timeless. As he’s shifted away from the pop-laced zones … Continue reading Norm Chambers Does Not Play Guitar Solos

Foxy Digitalis Mix #17: Norm Chambers

For the past decade plus, few artists’ music has been as regular a part of my listening habits as Norm Chambers. During the Digitalis days, he and I did more projects together than just about anyone and I still hold so many of those Panabrite records in great esteem. Norm continues putting out memorable, engaging work, including his latest that takes a more sampler-based approach … Continue reading Foxy Digitalis Mix #17: Norm Chambers

N Chambers “Spectrum Garden”

Norm Chambers needs no introduction in these pages. Soft Profile is his new label (Norm having a label is such great news) and Spectrum Garden is one hell of a way to start. In recent years, Chambers music has drifted away from the more pop-infused hues of Panabrite and into headier, more angular zones. His masterpiece, Facets, was machine music with a soft edge; modulations … Continue reading N Chambers “Spectrum Garden”