Foxy Digitalis Mix #17: Norm Chambers

For the past decade plus, few artists’ music has been as regular a part of my listening habits as Norm Chambers. During the Digitalis days, he and I did more projects together than just about anyone and I still hold so many of those Panabrite records in great esteem. Norm continues putting out memorable, engaging work, including his latest that takes a more sampler-based approach and weaves it into his usual palette. Additionally, if you’re interested in hearing a conversation Norm and I had about his Jürgen Müller Science of the Sea album and all the wild narratives and reactions to it, consider signing up for the Foxy Digitalis Patreon.

Meanwhile, this mix is right in Norm’s wheelhouse and full of fantastic tunes and an excellent flow. Hopefully you’ll start digging in the rabbit hole like I did when I first heard it. Sign up for his Bandcamp subscription while you’re at it!


Alvin Curran – Under the Fig Tree (excerpt)
Hideo Nakasako – Oval
Miki Yui – Salute
Giovanni di Domenico – Change Mondaire (excerpt)
Jean Guérin – Reflexion 2 Et 1
Hanno Leichtmann – Loop Music 12
Jean-Emmanuel Rosnet – General Updates
Francesco Cavaliere & Tomoko Sauvage – Rainforest Synthesis
Mads Emil Nielsen – Untitled 2
André Stordeur – Nang Na Nang
Carlo Giustini – Fortuna Ritorna
Ann Southam – The Reprieve (excerpt)
Bjarni Gunnarsson – Pulsalities
Papiro – Anelli
Michael Ranta – The Wall is There

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