The Music of Norm Chambers

It’s been over two weeks since Norm Chambers left this terrestrial plane, and he and his music continue to be front of mind. Putting this mix together, I was continually gobsmacked at just how incredible Norm’s work is. I mean, it’s something I knew, but it had been years since I’d listened so intently (and intensely) to this much of it at one time. I remain in awe. His music got to me in a way that doesn’t happen often, and the fact he did it so frequently and consistently still blows my mind. And, of course, he was so much more than his work, kind, caring, funny, and humble. A legend in every sense. 

I could make this mix a dozen times, which would be different in each instance. There’s just an impossible amount of gold to choose from. Head over to Norm’s Bandcamp page and pick at random. You won’t be disappointed. Also, I highly recommend reading Dave Segal’s beautiful obituary HERE.

New Light – Panabrite
Bells for Jun – N Chambers
Celestial Program – Panabrite
Janus – Panabrite
Inner Journey – Spiral Index
Jardins – N Chambers
Moonpool – Panabrite
Body Babble – Panabrite
Hiking – Water Bureau
Cinnamon Tropics – N Chambers
Continuum – Panabrite
The Age of Soft Information – Panabrite
Lunar Platitude – Unidiscus
Silver Limousine – Panabrite
Ionian Dream – Soft Mirage
Sea Balm – Panabrite
Chrona – N Chambers
Neptune Visons in the Crystal Rift – Panabrite
Applied Oceanographics – Panabrite
Dome Climate – N Chambers
Memory Tank – Panabrite
Canyon – Panabrite
Lonely Voyage – Jürgen Müller

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