Nailah Hunter “Forest Dwelling”

Lost in the night sky is a lone, illuminated pathway marked by fading stars and gentle reminders. There is the place where we are at and the place we want to be. Connected through dimensions and millennia, soporific waves can become a guide, pulling us from one to the other. Nailah Hunter’s universe in “Forest Dwelling” is the destination built from longing to leave the … Continue reading Nailah Hunter “Forest Dwelling”

Nailah Hunter “Quietude”

Ripples in the air send cool waves across starlit skies on this hypnotic new EP of covers from the inimitable Nailah Hunter. Golden gates open as Hunter beckons the spirits on “Come Wander” from the final episode of the Twilight Zone. There’s an enchanting drift throughout, feeling as though Elven ghosts are calling their last descendants home. With Hunter’s wordless beckoning, I am utterly transfixed. … Continue reading Nailah Hunter “Quietude”