Nailah Hunter “Quietude”

Ripples in the air send cool waves across starlit skies on this hypnotic new EP of covers from the inimitable Nailah Hunter. Golden gates open as Hunter beckons the spirits on “Come Wander” from the final episode of the Twilight Zone. There’s an enchanting drift throughout, feeling as though Elven ghosts are calling their last descendants home. With Hunter’s wordless beckoning, I am utterly transfixed.

Her take on Donovan’s medieval-infused oddity, “Guinevere,” is sparse and channels the original through an ethereal filter. The timbre of the harp is so satisfying, but it’s her voice that always steals the show. Closing the EP out with Radiohead’s “Talk Show Host,” Hunter turns its vitriol into a haunting lament that stretches the tension of the original into a magical sonic hymn. For an artist that continually surprises and pushes ideas into new, exciting directions, Quietude is an engrossing new chapter. 

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