Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 3, #24: marine eyes

Cynthia Bernard and I have talked about a marine eyes mix for Foxy Digitalis for a while now, but schedules and life and all that’s in between never quite aligned until this summer. Her music has meant a lot to me these last few years, so I am thrilled this has come together. Cynthia has been such a champion who gives time and space to women making ambient and experimental music, sharing and elevating their work. Joining together for this month’s installment of the Women in Ambient mix is such a joy.

from marine eyes:

i have been doing monthly women of ambient mixes since march ’21 and along the way Foxy Digitalis has been a regular source of support, helping me discover new artists and grow a deeper connection with artists i already know. brad and i both recognized it was time for us to come together to share a mix which also happens to be the july installation of the series! this month’s special mix is yet another reminder of how much beautiful music is being created by women in ambient and features several new artists to the series, many old favorites, and a previously unshared b-side of mine from the chamomile sessions! i hope you all find something new here, and take comfort in those who you already hold dear. thanks to Brad for his kindness in hosting this mix, and for all of your support, sharing & listening.


The Seven Fields of Aphelion- The Crossing [Rad Cult]
Drum & Lace- Echium [self-released] 2:15
Shida Shahabi- Remain [FatCat Records] 4:10
Mountain Hawk- Misty Mountains [Muzan Editions] 10:40
Maddy Briggs- Late Night Swim II (Stillwater Mix) [Stereoscenic] 13:30
Klein- redemption tour [Parkwuud Entertainment] 16:00
Malibu- Cheirosa ‘94 [UNO NYC] 17:30
Zoe Polanksi feat. Kumi Takahara- Home Alone [flau] 19:00
Karen Vogt- Night Soughing (Jolanda Moletta Remix) [self-released] 23:30
Suki Sou- Kelvin-Heimholtz Clouds [Curious Music] 26:50
Birds of Passage- Lonesome Tame [Denovali/SAD GODS] 29:00
Gollden- eternal [self-released] 34:00
Tess Roby- Cloud Cover [SSURROUNDSS] 36:30
Lauren Helene Green- Peak Morning Reflections [Royal Oakie Records] 39:15
marine eyes- on this fresh morning (IKSRE remix) [Stereoscenic] 42:10
White Poppy- A Calming Wind [self-released] 45:45
Nailah Hunter- Forest Dwelling [Longform Editions] 49:45
Líom- Neamhní [self-released] 53:30
marine eyes- tesoro [cloud collecting] 55:40

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