Video Premiere: Karen Vogt “I Know It’s Hard”

Karen Vogt always knows how to weave a bit of magic with her voice and “I Know It’s Hard” is no exception. On her song for Past Inside the Present’s Healing Together compilation curated by Cynthia Bernard (marine eyes), Vogt channels an empathetic spirit into the contemplative lament. Stretching frequencies into the sky, she hovers elegantly through luminous resonance; a beacon guiding us all to a place … Continue reading Video Premiere: Karen Vogt “I Know It’s Hard”

Video Premiere: awakened souls & From Overseas “Certainty Of Tides”

What is serenity? What does it sound like? On the opening missive from the collaborative album between awakened souls and From Overseas, serenity is an endless sky; it’s the feeling of being suspended in midair, weightless and unencumbered by gravity. Aeriform drones spread like golden wings, fueled by the anticipation of an earthly embrace. Lilting vocals are the sun kissing unseen wounds, sanguine piano chords … Continue reading Video Premiere: awakened souls & From Overseas “Certainty Of Tides”

Reflecting on Connection and Creation with marine eyes

When I first heard marine eyes this spring, I connected with the vibrant warmth that permeates her recordings. Her music opens up beautiful sonorous worlds where listeners can find respite, an aural cocoon drifting in space as the soothing tones wash through the air. On her debut, idyll, she created a beautiful aquatic ambient world imbued with emotional expression. Beyond her solo work, she is … Continue reading Reflecting on Connection and Creation with marine eyes

marine eyes “idyll”

Aquatic majestic soundscapes rise from dripping caves, soaked in the gentlest of tones, feeling like a sea breeze dancing across the skin. marine eyes creates music that is soft, but never light. Emotional depth cascades through her work, each chord of “shortest day” carefully chosen to evoke a particular feeling or specific moment in time, her voice a guiding light always. idyll has an infinite well of … Continue reading marine eyes “idyll”

zakè & marine eyes “Unfailing Love”

Everything about this release feels like it was made just for me. From the gauzy synthetic airspace to the pink and green color palette of the cover, this album is how I think of myself. Tiny moments get stretched to infinity throughout Unfailing Love, adding weight to memories that may not immediately seem like pivotal turning points, but eventually rise to become shining monuments to who … Continue reading zakè & marine eyes “Unfailing Love”