Video Premiere: Karen Vogt “I Know It’s Hard”

Karen Vogt always knows how to weave a bit of magic with her voice and “I Know It’s Hard” is no exception. On her song for Past Inside the Present’s Healing Together compilation curated by Cynthia Bernard (marine eyes), Vogt channels an empathetic spirit into the contemplative lament. Stretching frequencies into the sky, she hovers elegantly through luminous resonance; a beacon guiding us all to a place where, for a little while, we can catch our breath. “It’s impossible to comfort everyone, so sometimes a simple and direct message helps,” Vogt says. “Hearing the mantra “I know it is hard” can offer a moment of contemplation and help one feel less alone.”

To convey this spirit visually, she turned to her friend, multi-disciplinary artist Drea Louise, who filmed herself making a painting. The warm hues echo the inviting presence of “I Know It’s Hard,” imbuing its sincerity with visual cues. “Painting is a way I can channel emotions that are difficult to express,” Louise explains. In tandem, the music and video pull listeners into this world where loneliness can be left behind, at least for a moment. Louise continues, “The music was driving my vision and inspiration as I used abstract painting to tell a story through color. Color is extremely important for me while making videos because it allows me to express tension and strong emotions.” On “I Know It’s Hard,” these expressions come through loud and clear.

“I Know It’s Hard” appears on Healing Together: A Compilation For Mental Health Recovery from Cynthia Bernard and Past Inside the Present, featuring 23 artists such as more eaze, Patricia Wolf, Sofie Birch, Nailah Hunter, Ami-Dang, and so many more. Order the compilation HERE and stream Karen Vogt’s track below.

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