Video Premiere: From Overseas & City of Dawn “Weathering” (featuring marine eyes)

There’s an ageless beauty buried in the outstretched drones of “Weathering,” another stunning track off From Overseas and City of Dawn’s collaborative Misty Memories. Joined by the inimitable marine eyes, whose voice adds a luminescent layer of aural transcendence, “Weathering” is glossy and soft. Gentle waves rise and fall beneath pensive guitar arrangements. In the airy, expressive swells, the world feels wide open, and possibilities stretch toward the endless horizon. The black and white footage in Kévin Séry’s video heightens the timeless feeling of the song, leaving us dreaming of new tomorrows rising skyward. Stunning.

From Overseas & City of Dawn’s Misty Memories is out now on Past Inside the Present. Stream and order HERE. Don’t miss marine eyes’ latest, chamomile, either!

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