The Capsule Garden Vol 1.22: July 1, 2022

Another week in the books. Another pile of excellent tunes to dig through. Last week, my label, The Jewel Garden, released this blown-out proto dub gem from Carl Antonowicz’s Open Casket Sound System. Carl illustrates/collaborates on the Illustrated Reviews with me for Foxy Digitalis, and he’s put together a 16-page illustrated zine to go along with the album. Check it out! Meanwhile, on to the reviews… … Continue reading The Capsule Garden Vol 1.22: July 1, 2022

The Capsule Garden Vol 1.20: June 3, 2022

I had an experience I never wanted to have this week when a bunch of friends and acquaintances started texting and emailing to see if we were alright. A mass shooting in Tulsa was inevitable and I’m frankly surprised it doesn’t happen here more often. It’s all so fucked. We’re fine, though, obviously – I mean as much as anyone is fine these days.  Anyway, … Continue reading The Capsule Garden Vol 1.20: June 3, 2022

Foxy Digitalis Mix #42: ragenap

Years ago, while lying in bed on our sides facing each other, Eden and I started doing this thing where we’d place our palms on the side of each other’s heads and press down. It was strangely relaxing so we’ve kept doing it. We call it macropressure and I keep thinking someone should open a massage parlor that also offers macropressure. It’s a goldmine! Maybe … Continue reading Foxy Digitalis Mix #42: ragenap

ragenap “Thankrupcy”

Thankrupcy is split in half for the tape release, but to get the full encasement, the 47-minute solid slab is where it’s at. The piece starts unsuspectingly, a razor-shaved buzz finding a moment of stillness in the shade while heat distorts the air in all directions. ragenap holds court, drawing listeners in for a moment of solace before the dam opens up its gates. The thing … Continue reading ragenap “Thankrupcy”