ragenap “Thankrupcy”

Thankrupcy is split in half for the tape release, but to get the full encasement, the 47-minute solid slab is where it’s at. The piece starts unsuspectingly, a razor-shaved buzz finding a moment of stillness in the shade while heat distorts the air in all directions. ragenap holds court, drawing listeners in for a moment of solace before the dam opens up its gates.

The thing I keep coming back to with Thankrupcy is how it simply keeps growing. Like an expansive, melodic plague determined to cover every surface. Metallic resonance grows upward, fueled by ultraviolet light. Guitars drenched in reverb and delay coast on dreams, a smooth rock-hopping across the surface of the emotionally dense drones, searching for a place to begin ascension. ragenap never lets up, increasing the pressure with ringing layer stacked on ringing layer. It becomes massive and seemingly unsustainable, but he pushes on, the maximal aural wash turning meditative, therapeutic.

It takes a special amount of skill and control to build a sonic mountain like Thankrupcy. ragenap is dialed in, focused. Early seeds sprout into heaven-bound vines, wrapping around themselves toward a final, vertical escape. ragenap is done with this world as ash trails behind, leaving all the earthly drama to smolder beneath these enormous blankets of sound. 

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