Foxy Digitalis Mix #42: ragenap

Years ago, while lying in bed on our sides facing each other, Eden and I started doing this thing where we’d place our palms on the side of each other’s heads and press down. It was strangely relaxing so we’ve kept doing it. We call it macropressure and I keep thinking someone should open a massage parlor that also offers macropressure. It’s a goldmine! Maybe not. 

Anyway, I find myself returning to ragenap’s sprawling Thankrupcy regularly for similar sensations. It’s so massive and sprawling that it feels like it’s pushing me down into the ground but in a wholly satisfying way. None of this has much to do with this stellar mix he’s put together for Foxy Digitalis, but here in December, after one hell of a trying year, it all seems relevant. Dig into ragenap’s mix and pick up a copy of Thankrupcy as a little gift to yourself.


Tortoise – Gamera [12″ version]
Aaron Freeman – The Champion
Rob Mazurek & Emmett Kelly – Of Time Wasted
Harold, Dick, and Bill – Electric Chainsaw 75 IV
Oneida – Cream Puff War
Neil Young & Crazy Horse – Walk Like A Giant [live 3.9.2013]
Gerycz/Powers/Rolin – Jars Of Glass

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