øjeRum “Vågnende Jeg Ser De Døde”

Inside the fragile walls of “Vågnende Jeg Ser De Døde,” midnight is a distant beacon stuck in a world of haze. øjeRum spins a calm facade across the decaying spaces beneath wistful piano arrangements and sonic interference. Strings dance behind glass at the periphery, leaving us wondering if our minds have gone or if these melancholic silhouettes exist? Everything here is held together by gossamer … Continue reading øjeRum “Vågnende Jeg Ser De Døde”

Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 2, #39: Scanner

Robin Rimbaud is always reliable in coming up with something interesting, lovely, and exciting, whether it’s his recordings as Scanner, his other sound and installation work, his writing, or any other projects he’s worked on. Such is also the case with this surprisingly funky Foxy Digitalis mix. Whether Rimbaud ever sleeps, I cannot confirm, but he recently released his latest album, The Homeland of Electricity, an … Continue reading Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 2, #39: Scanner

Looking Back to Find the Roots: An Interview With Scanner

There’s always risks involved when going through one’s personal archives, whether it’s music, writing, art, whatever. We have a tendency to romanticize those early pearls, especially if we haven’t taken a real spin through them in decades. It’s easy, as we get older, to think back to that youthful glow and enthusiasm and think there must be something there.  Lucky for us, Robin Rimbaud’s earliest … Continue reading Looking Back to Find the Roots: An Interview With Scanner

Video Premiere: Scanner “Comus”

It’s astounding to think that Scanner’s “Comus,” as well as the other recordings on his new release of archival work from Room 40, Earthbound Transmissions, is over 30 years old. Since his debut as Scanner in 1992 on Ash International, Robin Rimbaud’s work has explored the ideas of public and private space, surveillance, and acoustic worlds outside of everyday life. To me, his work has often touched … Continue reading Video Premiere: Scanner “Comus”