øjeRum “Vågnende Jeg Ser De Døde”

Inside the fragile walls of “Vågnende Jeg Ser De Døde,” midnight is a distant beacon stuck in a world of haze. øjeRum spins a calm facade across the decaying spaces beneath wistful piano arrangements and sonic interference. Strings dance behind glass at the periphery, leaving us wondering if our minds have gone or if these melancholic silhouettes exist? Everything here is held together by gossamer tendrils and unseen spirits. 

Recorded over Easter in 2022, “Vågnende Jeg Ser De Døde” (translated as” Awakening I See The Dead”) echoes the isolated locale in the Danish countryside where Paw Grabowski created it. “While recording, radio waves and static electricity interfered with the signal – sometimes subtly, sometimes more pronounced – supplying the recording with an accidental ghost accompaniment,” Grabowski explains. This feeling is echoed in the video, where remnants of something previously unseen are revealed through subtle movements to create new shapes.

Vågnende Jeg Ser De Døde will be released on February 10 via Room 40 and features two remixes by Scanner. Stream below and pre-order HERE.

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