Track Premiere: The Allegorist “Barefoot” (Scanner Rework)

The Allegorist’s recent album, TEKHENU, is sprawling and visceral, and an absolute gem of a record. It binds countless stories into one expansive narrative, simultaneously feeling like a futuristic vision and an artifact from the distant past. With TEKHENU Retold, she has 10 different artists tell their versions of these events. 

Album closer, “Barefoot,” gets a makeover from UK sound sculptor and composer, Scanner, stretching the focused urgency of the original into a longer, more angular exposition. Desolate atmospheres grow in the margins with The Allegorist’s voice lurking beneath the surface, pushed forward by a progressive cadence. Tension builds in the rhythmic elements with Scanner expanding the sonic textures, pulling us deeper into The Allegorist’s world.

TEKHENU Retold will be released on October 13. Pre-order HERE.

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