Foxy Digitalis Mix #34: SiP

From now on I’m going to call Jimmy Lacy the velvet assassin because who wouldn’t want that as a nickname? All kidding aside, his recent collaboration as SiP with Prezzano (out now on Moon Glyph) is a gem that’s spirited the transition from summer to fall quite nicely. Here’s Lacy’s description of this damn fine mix: My thinking behind this collection was to capture the … Continue reading Foxy Digitalis Mix #34: SiP

SiP/Prezzano s/t

I was smitten with Jimmy Lacy’s last SiP album, Leos Naturals, but this collaboration with Pete Prezzano (who did show up on Leos playing melodica) gets into some different, calmer zones. Where Leos careened down a slide of tropical-infused grooves, we’re now living life at a much slower pace at the foot of the waterfall. Everything is saturated in hues of green and blue while levitating arpeggios zigzag through the … Continue reading SiP/Prezzano s/t

Video Premiere: SiP “Indialantic Book I”

I’ve listened to SiP’s stellar album on Not Not Fun last year, Leos Naturals, so many times I’ve lost count. Jimmy Lacy has an uncanny ability to write songs that float effervescently through time as if they were beamed in from another dimension. “Indialantic Book I” comes from the fantastic Moon Glyph compilation, Amethyst. Lacy ventures into new pastures on “Indialantic Book I,” exploring a more acoustic palette … Continue reading Video Premiere: SiP “Indialantic Book I”