Video Premiere: SiP “Indialantic Book I”

I’ve listened to SiP’s stellar album on Not Not Fun last year, Leos Naturals, so many times I’ve lost count. Jimmy Lacy has an uncanny ability to write songs that float effervescently through time as if they were beamed in from another dimension. “Indialantic Book I” comes from the fantastic Moon Glyph compilation, Amethyst. Lacy ventures into new pastures on “Indialantic Book I,” exploring a more acoustic palette where he unearths new waves of whimsy. 

With the video, a collaborative effort between Lacy, filmmaker/video artist Mike Stoltz, and artist/graphic designer Drew Ryan, the twisting shapes and shifting colors enhance the music’s sonic escapism, an almost-ethereal departure from the banality of the everyday. It’s a lovely nugget to hang on while we wait for SiP’s next album. Pick up a copy of the Amethyst compilation below.

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