Foxy Digitalis Mix #34: SiP

From now on I’m going to call Jimmy Lacy the velvet assassin because who wouldn’t want that as a nickname? All kidding aside, his recent collaboration as SiP with Prezzano (out now on Moon Glyph) is a gem that’s spirited the transition from summer to fall quite nicely.

Here’s Lacy’s description of this damn fine mix:

My thinking behind this collection was to capture the playful spirit that SiP draws from and I can hear a lot of joy and purpose in these tunes. A lot of great keyboard work here and a real range of style; lots of ways to be great with keys! The back third of the set pivots to tracks that use acoustic guitar in ways I like and let the set down in a calm and wistful way!

Reggae Rock – Jackie Mittoo
Ci Da Dy – Mamman Sani
Sparkling Spur – SiP
Outer Spaceways Inc… – Bitchin Bajas (Sun Ra)
Dolores Son Flores – Frankie Reyes
Akili Mali – Ralf Nowy
Spaced Cowboy – Sly and the Family Stone
Love’s a Rondo – Blues Control
Oh Great Be the Lake – Ben Lamar Gay
Sangara – Francis Bebey
Healer – Iceblink
It’s Love – Woo
Montana Telephone – Village of Spaces

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