Into the Desert With Derek Monypeny

In Derek Monypeny, I’ve found a kindred spirit. We talk a bit about this in the interview, but when I saw him dedicate his incredible opus, The Hand as Dealt, to Alice Coltrane, Terry Riley, and Don Cherry, I knew I’d love it. (I mean, I figured I’d be into it considering how much his second album, Don’t Bring Me Down, Bruce has been played in … Continue reading Into the Desert With Derek Monypeny

Ted Byrnes “Moving My Body Through Space”

I’ve always been drawn to Ted Byrnes’s solo percussion work because of its tactile nature and meditative qualities. These are scattered sound worlds to get lost in, but not because they are full of sweeping open expanses and slow-moving, contemplative tones. It’s the opposite, really. Within the quick-paced passages and condensed spaces, Byrnes urges focus.  “Spin” pushes along, hollow metallic pitter-pats building resonance like a … Continue reading Ted Byrnes “Moving My Body Through Space”

Foxy Digitalis Mix #1: Ted Byrnes

I’m excited to present this killer mix from percussionist, Ted Byrnes. I’ve long-admired Ted’s work and when I decided to bring Foxy Digitalis back, he was an artist I hoped to write about. His forthcoming album, Moving My Body Through Space, which comes out July 9th via Arkeen (pre-order HERE), is a challenging set of sonic explorations rooted in Ted’s trademark style. Ted offers this … Continue reading Foxy Digitalis Mix #1: Ted Byrnes

Video Premiere: Ted Byrnes “Preparation”

Last summer, when uncertainty reigned supreme and not only was there no light at the end of it, there wasn’t even a damn tunnel to look through, Ted Byrnes, along with Patrick Shiroishi, offered a faint glimmer of hope. The duo played an outdoor, backyard, socially distanced set in Los Angeles and the mix of glee and fear was pure catharsis.  Nearly a year later and Ted … Continue reading Video Premiere: Ted Byrnes “Preparation”