Video Premiere: Ted Byrnes “Preparation”

Last summer, when uncertainty reigned supreme and not only was there no light at the end of it, there wasn’t even a damn tunnel to look through, Ted Byrnes, along with Patrick Shiroishi, offered a faint glimmer of hope. The duo played an outdoor, backyard, socially distanced set in Los Angeles and the mix of glee and fear was pure catharsis. 

Nearly a year later and Ted Byrnes is readying his most formidable work to date with Moving My Body Through SpaceIn the video for “Preparation,” one of the most blistering tracks on the album, directors Abigail Taubman and Tarrah Krajnak offset the scattershot percussion explorations with slow-moving shots of a body at rest. Damaged textures flicker across the screen, mimicking Byrnes’ rapid shifts and expansive tonal palette. Unrelenting sonic cacophony drives forward without pause or hesitation while the images drift into rolling waves and soft cloudscapes as it transitions and overlays the back of someone’s neck or hands clutching themselves. While Byrnes showcases raw abandon, the intimacy in the video work adds a layer of vulnerability to this stunning piece of music. 

Ted Byrnes’ Moving My Body Through Space is out on July 16th via Arkheen. Pre-order below.

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