New Chance “Real Time”

In the opening moments of Victoria Cheong’s latest album as New Chance, there’s a sense of disorientation within the woozy electronic tones of “Eye of the Storm.” Each chord slightly shudders under gentle vibrato, the cadence climbing a rickety ladder against a floating backdrop of her voice in layers and a rising bassline. Questions about belonging beleaguered by internalized insecurities creep through “Eye of the … Continue reading New Chance “Real Time”

Body Breaks “Bad Trouble”

One of the first things that comes to mind in the opening, odd-shaped song, “Between the Heart and the Mind” is Ponytail. Body Breaks and Ponytail don’t sound much alike beyond the strange tunings, but the exuberant, infectious energy that permeates every song on Bad Trouble fills a void that Ponytail left. This distant-duo of Matt LeGroulx and Julie Reich creates a sonic world that zigzags through … Continue reading Body Breaks “Bad Trouble”