Video Premiere: Bile Sister “Generation Steam”

Front page photo by Natalie Logan

Julie Reich’s (Body Breaks, CHANDRA, etc.) solo guise, Bile Sister, blitzes our memories and energetically bounces us into an angular sonic blender. Basslines dance across the floor, shoulders shaking all the way until we’re stuck in a hypnagogic nightmare. “Generation Steam” is about the oppressive absurdity capitalism subjects us to, turned into a circular sonic circus. Reich’s melodies land with a neon punch. Leslie Predy’s video is an absolute trip. Furbies are dissected and twisted into haunted little demons, hypnotizing us into a dreamscape free fall. With the tempo pulled back, Nicholas Kerr’s guitar spells bleed into the ether, and “Generation Steam” whisks us away into an incorporeal form. 

Bile Sister’s new album, Living On the Edge, will be released on July 21 on We Are Time. Pre-order HERE.

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