Video Premiere: New Chance “To The Edge”

Almost a year on from its release, New Chance’s (aka Victoria Cheong) fantastic Real Time continues offering new gifts. “To The Edge” is a standout from the album fueled by dystopic rhythms and subdermal bass lines that build a glossy pedestal for Cheong’s incisive, hypnotic vocal melodies. It’s a song in search of deeper, existential connection; of meaning and searching for something bigger. 

The lush, bright-hued animated visuals have an almost literal connection to Cheong’s lyrics. “Seth’s video captures the expansive freedom-seeking spirit of the song,” Cheong shares “An empty road at the edge of day beckons us toward the stars.”

Scriver gets into the meaning and connection of the video and song, explaining “This video was made as a dedication to Jessica Scriver, Peter’s daughter and Seth’s niece, who took her own life in 2013. Jessica was only 16 and had been saving up for a motorcycle at the time. R.I.P. lil Jess!” 

New Chance will play at Suoni Per Il Popolo in Montreal on June 7 and EVERYSEEKER in Halifax on June 10thReal Time is out via We Are Time and available HERE.

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