Video Premiere: Peter Kris “The Role of the Kachina”

Garden Portal launches a new tape batch into the garden on March 26th and every Friday leading up to it, we’re going to premiere a video from each release. Very stoked. Up first is Peter Kris whose No Language For The Feeling double cassette + photo zine is an absolute peach. Kris made a lasting impression on me with last year’s Everything Possuelo Brought To The Table, and based on “The Role of the Kachina,” this is going to dig that hole even deeper. “The Role of the Kachina” is intimate and claustrophobic, a buzzed-out lamentation on a world forgotten. Check out the beautiful video from Katrina Ohstrom (or find them on Instagram) below.

Next week, we’ll have another video to unveil so stay tuned! In the meantime, check out Garden Portal’s past offerings and see what all is in the batch below.