Video Premiere: Jeffrey Alexander “Perpetual Sunrise”

Penultimate Garden Portal premiere today, this time from the inimitable Jeffrey Alexander. “Perpetual Sunrise” is my favorite song off Alexander’s new tape, Reyes, as it drifts into radiant zones of plucked guitar and astral drones. Peaceful feelings permeate the tune as it gently drifts along, a languid float in the lake, eyes closed as you hear birds circle overhead. It’s beautiful. I’m always so impressed by Alexander’s range with his various works and projects, and Reyes is one of my favorite albums he’s done recently. Stretch your arms to the clouds and take in a deep breath of “Perpetual Sunrise.” 

Unsurprisingly, Katrina Ohstrom’s video is the perfect accompaniment. Their visual contribution to this batch of songs can’t be understated.