Video Premiere: Stefan Christensen “Loimaa IX”

Today, Garden Portal releases their killer spring batch and I highly recommend jumping over to their page and picking those up if you haven’t already. All four releases are worth your time. 

To end this 4-week run (which has been great and I would love to do this kind of thing more so labels/artists – holler at me), we get Kristina Ohstrom’s latest beauty (follow their Instagram, too!). They tap into this beautiful, slow-moving psychedelic vein that gently shapeshifts along with Stefan Christensen’s bowed and plucked strings. “Loimaa IX” is a hypnotic trip down winding forest roads, the smell of wood smoke permeating the air. I will always be a sucker for bowed guitars and Christensen extracts haunting, deep tones from his. It’s a perfect example of all that his entry in Garden Portal’s spring batch, Loimaa, has to offer. Check it.