Video Premiere: Haco “Frozen in Time”

“Frozen in Time” from Haco‘s excellent new album for Someone Good, Nova Naturo is a mini masterpiece or spectral and aural delights. Held tenderly inside looping piano chords that hold onto golden moments, keeping them aloft. Haco’s voice traces the lines on your palm as the beat pushes forward and live drums pick up the pace, the nervous laughter of new love paired with the fear that goodbye means forever. “Frozen in Time” is hypnotic and beautiful, a reprieve from the grey scale of daily life. In the video, scenes change and vivid blue hues paint the night garden like a rush of emotion to your cheeks. “I’m going to miss you. We already feel it,” Haco whispers as the snow drifts in reverse, leaving this garden world for a life in the dark sky. In combination, the video and song immerse you in a dark, whimsical world. Nova Naturo is out June 18, 2021 on Someone Good.

The video was directed by Tomáš Knoflíček, who offers this context:

“The video was taken in the garden of a house built by the Sudeten Germans, who was forced to leave it after World War II. Today, however, even those people who came to live in it after the war no longer live there. It is now a place where time has literally stopped, but at the same time it has a sense of being hurrying even faster, surrounded by a suburbanized neighborhood characterized by all the accompanying aspects of the globalized periphery, from highways, logistics centers to the industrial zones. This garden is, in exaggeration, the last island of the original historical landscape there. The stopped time in the video is also symbolized by the reluctant fluctuation between a sense of forwards and backwards motion, visualized through the falling and floating snow, respectively. Out of time, or better, frozen in time, there is also a little girl, as a local genius loci, gradually composing an inscription, which is simultaneously the title of the song.”