Video Premiere: Sally Decker “The Loss”

Sally Decker’s “The Loss” lingers well beyond its runtime, a lucid memory running on a loop in your mind. Paired with Emily Chao’s haunting video (made in collaboration with Decker), the thick tension channeled through these four minutes can be felt through your entire body. It’s a stark preview of her forthcoming album, In The Tender Dream, coming soon on NNA Tapes.

Opening with bleak, ghostly drones and visceral, high-frequency screeches, “The Loss” starts in the deep end and only wades into infinitely more cursed zones as it progresses further into the self-reflective abyss. Chao’s imagery is a visual reminder that no matter what horrors hide in the shadows, there is a chaotic brutality within the meditations of our inner dialogue. Beneath Decker’s echo-laden spoken words, a pulsing synth line emerges like an apprehensive beacon lighting a precarious path toward fulfillment and release.

“Accept reality. Accept the loss. See all the voids. Feel every last one. Then you let go. Then you can walk away,” Decker whispers just before a driving kick drum breaks through, echoing a rising heartbeat and Chao cleverly weaves the only bits of color into the video, adding another layer of intensity. Saw waves grind down the last vestiges of that psychic wall. Clarity and self-actualization come at a steep cost, but the weight shed brings deliverance.

Decker previously released music as Multa Nox and In The Tender Dream, out August 13 on NNA Tapes is the first under her name. Pre-order HERE.

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Photo by Nathan Kosta