Gretchen Korsmo “Cloud Juice”

On this first solo release from Full Spectrum’s better half, Gretchen Korsmo channels the sublime. “Really Good at Digging Holes” drops to the Earth from a sacred space, finding expression in the empty spaces between dust particles held aloft by unseen spirits. Korsmo’s voice, a spectre against the wind as methodic keys wander forlornly into the night. Weightless rattles drag behind while chimes glisten like morning dew, welcoming the light into each and every ancient crevice. It flows backward against the current, Korsmo breathlessly singing an unknown sacred hymn calling all that are lost back toward the fold. I am bewitched.

With the title track, a harmonium gently pulses with hypnotic organic revelry; a breezeway between two deserts longing to embrace. Sporadic percussive taps resemble ceiling drips falling into an ocean, floating beneath twinkling, meandering tones that kiss the water’s surface like pure sunlight. Unscathed by the emotional weight carried by the melodies flowing from a melodica, Korsmo pushes ahead lithely. There’s nowhere left to go before the sunset fades to nothing and night calls us back home. Cloud Juice is an instant classic.

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