Track Premiere: –___–__ “Julius Eastman / NY Metro Xylophone Player” (feat. metoronori)

There’s something that’s simultaneously emotionally satisfying and completely draining about “Julius Eastman/NY Metro Xylophone Player,” the newest single from the impossibly-named —__–___ (aka more eaze and Seth Graham). Visceral tugs radiate with a sinuous attachment from more eaze’s wistful violin notes as they grow and shrink back into the darkened corners. Graham and more eaze have such a deep understanding and symbiotic collaboration that even though there are a million tiny details peppered throughout this music, they are so deeply in sync that it creates a central glow for everything to scatter around. 

The vocal duet from more eaze and inimitable metoronori lifts the song to cosmic levels. There’s such hope and heartbreak throughout. “This song is really romantic to me and really discusses intimacy within the context of fleeting corporeal movements and sensations,” more eaze explains, and I think that vulnerability and ethereality are a beautiful tribute to Eastman. She continues, “It’s less about being in love than about how being in love can make every single interaction and encounter feel significant.” With metoronori in the fold, there’s an added playfulness in the interaction between her and more eaze’s voices, bathing the piece in neon light. Altogether, it’s magic.

“Julius Eastman/NY Metro Xylophone Player” is on —__–___’s debut album, The Heart Pumps Kool-Aid, out September 10th on Orange Milk. It is easily among the best albums I’ve heard in 2021 and can be pre-ordered below. 

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