Video Premiere: Cody Yantis “Invisible Damage”

Cody Yantis’s work is always purposefully reserved, revealing only the moments that need to be heard. On “Invisible Damage,” from his forthcoming full-length, Physical Silence, acoustic guitar, banjo, and piano cautiously stick a toe into the ice-cold water. Ready for the moment where the figure in the distance comes into focus, Yantis’s contemplative sojourn builds to a gentle crest of bowed strings and soft reeds roiling with buried trauma and anguish. It’s an incredible piece that shows Cody’s growth as a musician and composer and the first hint that Physical Silence is his most accomplished work to date.

The Super 8 film footage from Tiffany Clendenin is expertly assembled and edited by Yantis, a visual portrayal of the buried memories etched into the song. Physical Silence is out on October 8 via Round Bale Recordings. The first 50 orders come with a set of three different prints of Charles Parson’s hand-drawn postcards, which served as partial inspiration for the album. 

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