Video Premiere: awakened souls & From Overseas “Certainty Of Tides”

What is serenity? What does it sound like? On the opening missive from the collaborative album between awakened souls and From Overseas, serenity is an endless sky; it’s the feeling of being suspended in midair, weightless and unencumbered by gravity. Aeriform drones spread like golden wings, fueled by the anticipation of an earthly embrace. Lilting vocals are the sun kissing unseen wounds, sanguine piano chords repeat, wrapping them in jeweled accouterments that refract and reframe negative space like a prism.

In Sachin Samudre’s video, the aerial perspective is an invitation to find certainty within the changing coastline. Waves obscure the margins, covering jagged rocks in a blanket of white, a delineated edge between standing on solid ground and drifting away, lost in quiet lamentations and hopeful for a moment of solace. “Certainty of Tides” is stunning. This gateway to the rest of Keep the Orange Sun holds a space for us all to find our own tranquility, to find our own unwritten narrative where being lost within the ephemeral nature of being doesn’t have to be a formidable mountain. Sometimes it’s simply enough to just breathe.

awakened souls and From Overseas’ Keep the Orange Sun is out on September 24. A special livestream event takes place this Sunday, September 19. The full album plus all the reworked tracks (from the likes of Taylor Deupree, Patricia Wolf, marine eyes, and many more) will be streamed with one-time-only visuals and more. Grab your ticket HERE and don’t miss it!

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