Jeremiah M. Carter & Chelsea Bridge “Of Babel”

Stretching through the haze of daybreak, the new collaborative album from Jeremiah M. Carter and Chelsea Bridge, The Way It Pours Into Itself, breathes in the dissonance only to find beauty in exhalation. Album closer, “Of Babel,” is a winding tapestry of spectral drones and spiraling string incantations, illuminated like the final moments of a dream.

Bridge’s ethereally processed voice is a knife through the middle of “Of Babel,” severing its dark gravity from the celestial glances this sonic environment is reaching toward. The way her vocals drape across the violin ruminations invite close introspection and alarm. It’s a world of hurt thrown against an unemotional, static surface, disintegrating as the morning light looms to scare the ghosts back into hiding. Waking up to find nothing is different and we’re right where we started is the worst nightmare of all.

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