Starbirthed “Reflections of the Samith”

Whenever there’s a new Starbirthed album, the world should rejoice. The duo of Ash Brooks and Matt LaJoie tap into some seriously ethereal waves on Reflections of the Samith, drifting in and out of space like beings of light. Across 41 minutes, Brooks and LaJoie levitate sonic ephemera, bending these extraterrestrial missives into the sound of a new dawn.

Brooks billowing synths are like a soft fabric draping over everything, wrapping its soft, airy touch around pensive bodies hoping for relief from the growing harshness. Choreographed dancing resonances are agile, coming together and moving apart with gentle harmony. Expansive chords meander with purpose, creating towering new worlds filled with lush green vistas.

LaJoie’s trademark guitar missives are searching, exploring every empty crevice for moments of light. Each note is a marker to show others the way inside. The way his guitar and Brooks’ synth intertwine calls to others with open arms, inviting anyone listening to find immersion in these open waters. When Brooks’s voice dangles above the aural wash, vibrating tendrils flicker for a moment before falling downward to meet the hands reaching toward the sky. 

Reflections of the Samith is another beautiful offering from Flower Room’s in-house magical duo. As polished drones grow in strength and LaJoie’s sharp melodica tones rise in the midday sun, the glint from Starbirthed’s pursuits is cosmically blinding in the tranquilizing hush.

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