Video Premiere: Olivia Block “Axiolite”

Pieces of the world are falling into the abyss and finding freedom in the process. The darkness is a veil, beyond is a rising sun tickled by flames from the last scraps of a dying landscape. Olivia Block’s new album for Room 40, Innocent Passage in the Territorial Sea, digs through the desolate wreckage of the past 18 months and dreams up deep bass pathways to process and escape the decimated memories. Sturdy, rumbling tones hold the bottom end so Block can forage the outer reaches with hypnotic synthetic spirals, aerial tendrils rising like smoke fingers grasping the sky. Block says she approached this album as a soundtrack to a speculative science fiction film (using Anna Kavan’s Ice is a jumping off point) and it’s hard not to imagine the video here as the opening frames of a post-apocalyptic world. “Axiolite” welcomes us to the end.

Innocent Passage in the Territorial Sea is out on November 19 via Room 40.

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