Foxy Digitalis Mix #25: Jamie Stewart

For Jamie Stewart’s HEXA mixtape, Exhibition Copy, he digs deep. Like the new HEXA album, his collaboration with Lawrence English, there’s a surprising thread that runs through the whole of this mix. Of course, the HEXA album, Material Interstices, is a heady subterranean drifter and while there’s some deep bass and snarling electronics peppered throughout Exhibition Copy, it’s the care and detail in how the mix flows together that is the loudest echo of Material Interstices.


1 A Tribute to James Tenney: Part IV, Jos Tieman
2 Kill/Aftermath, John Bence
3 The Voice of Energy, Kraftwerk
4 See A Man’s Face, Horace Andy
5 Ten Grand Goldie, Einstürzende Neubauten
6 Onward 76, Eliane Radigue
7 Catch 22, Merzbow
8 Tritone octave 1 part II, Charlemagne Palestine
9 Roar Ina Temper, Rutting Red Deers
10 Sentient, Pharmakon
11 Cima Verde, Chris Watson
12 American Crow, Cornell Lab of Ornithology
13 Teo! Part 2, Maryanne Amacher
14 Sounds Issuing From the Oklawaha River East of Orange Springs, Mixed chorus of frogs
15 Phrasing, Scott Walker
16 Terberkatilah Tanah Ini, Senyawa
17 Diet Of Worms, This Heat
18 Mohamed Diha Utalla Fiha, The Master Musicians Of Jajouka
19 Schoenberg: Little Pieces For Piano, Op. 19, Schoenberg
20 Common Raven, Cornell Lab of Ornithology
21 Vaccines, Bamboo-trumpet players Music of Haiti
22 Pages 1-4 String Quartet 2, Morton Feldman
23 Pigs Feeding, Animal World

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