Video Premiere: Mike Cooper “Tirta Gangga”

Mike Cooper’s new book and album, Oceans of Milk and Treacle, is a soundtrack for an otherwise silent film. “Tirta Gangga” finds Cooper’s moving guitar treatise situated above the canopy, singing a languid melody with the hypnotic insect chorus. Lamentations for something long lost permeate the slow-moving notes, Cooper guiding each shifting chord down the river like a ferryman who’s seen it all. The stillness from the jungle cacophony is intoxicating, bolstered by the woozy nature of Cooper’s lap steel.

“Tirta Gangga” is humid and graceful, bringing the best feelings of what Cooper does best into focus. As the placid riverscapes in the video burst into fireworks, a rush of excitement emerges and we know this long night is only just beginning.

Oceans of Milk and Treacle is out on January 14 via Room 40, available digitally and as a CD and book featuring texts from Mike Cooper and a full documentation of his paper based collage artworks, made available in full, for the very first time.

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