Track Premiere: Anthony Sahyoun “Irhamna”

Photo by Patrick Mouzawak

Anthony Sahyoun has been heavily active in Beirut’s sprawling music scene over the past decade, pushing sonic boundaries and making a name for himself in the process. Finally, he’s releasing his debut solo album, Proof By Infinite Descent, co-released by Beirut’s Ruptured label and Portland’s Beacon Sound. 

The second single, “Irhamna,” is gripping with its hypnotic autotuned vocal melodies under attack from bass-heavy sonic globules. Axiomatic tension is interlaced with this heavy forward motion that makes “Irhamna” feel like a bullet that can’t be stopped. Sahyoun’s voice is twisted into geometric shapes that pierce through the granular detritus, rising triumphantly into the night. It’s an incredible three minutes that shows the breadth of Sahyoun’s prowess.

On his remix, Amulets blurs all the angles into a swirling, rapturous abyss. The dramatic tension of the original is washed away under a blanket of levitating static. It’s as though the empire ended and all we have left are the distilled songs of ghosts. 

Proof By Infinite Descent is out on November 19 via Ruptured and Beacon Sound. Listen and pre-order HERE.

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